We work with the client from the moment the brief is initiated by collaborating with every stakeholder. If problems develop along the way, we encourage clients to voice it immediately and seek to resolve them. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, and clients may end up being unhappy with the report. If that is the case, we offer a full refund of all monies paid. All we ask is that you be completely honest with what wasn’t working for you so that we can fix it.
That is natural and in business, as well as life, we must account for variable change. Because we work collaboratively, we can amend changes as and when they occur. This might involve changes in the type or use of primary or secondary data. If that happens, we will be happy to work with you to amend any changes.
Interview participants are selected based on the brief we receive from clients. We do the recruitment, shortlisting and moderation of interviews. More importantly, we store consent forms and record interviews to prove who the subjects are. Finally, working collaboratively on the report means that you will see real-time changes and primary data updates, including interviews.
Surveys are not usually useful if they are not targeted, and we expect to indicate who to target when the brief is discussed during the collaborative stage. With the surveys we undertake, participants are anonymised, but we record their Network IDs and use Google Analytics to analyse the data. This way, you will get third-party verification of who responded to your survey, where they came from and what device they used, amongst other data points.
We take plagiarism seriously. All our reports come with a declaration that Melian Dialogue has entirely produced the work, has not been submitted to any other client or used for any other purpose. For your peace of mind, every single report produced by Melian Dialogue comes with a comprehensive iThenticate report to ensure its authenticity.
Once a brief is accepted by a client, we enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
Our researchers are always available to meet online, and this can be done via Google Meets, Microsoft Teams or any other video conferencing software. Face-to-face meetings are possible at our offices if the client and researcher are in the same country or time-zone.
The client owns all the data collected, and all raw data is inserted in the appendix of the report. Where video or audio files form part of the raw data, they can be downloaded from our servers 24/7. Survey results form part of the raw data, and clients will be given a link to where it is stored and can view 24/7. If requested, survey results can be put into Excel spreadsheets and emailed to the client. However, our objective is to skip paper and say goodbye to emails, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and PowerPoint slides.
We don’t place boundaries on where we undertake exploratory research. If there are language barriers in the research, we are very open in discussing them with you to see how we can deliver a report that meets your needs.
Absolutely. All we ask is a week’s notice to inform interview subjects or other third parties that may be involved in the research process.

Most of our research is remote, but there are a few occasions when we conduct an ethnography study and need to go out and meet people face-to-face. Because we work collaboratively on your report, we will keep you updated on any need for face-to-face research.

Explainer videos can be revised if you don’t like them. We try to keep in mind the messaging, which is crucial in the production of explainer videos. As a result, we confirm the script’s contents for the explainer videos before we go ahead and create them.

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