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We are a boutique research consultancy that specialises in exploratory research. Our strengths are in behavioural, design and data-driven research across all industries.

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Senior Research Consultants
Research Consultants
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Senior Research Consultants

Dr Jim Coke
Dr Jim CokeHead of Research
Research Interests: Risk, behavioural science, artificial intelligence, facial recognition algorithms

Nationality: Nigerian and Jamaican

Geographical regions of interest: UK, Europe, Jamaica, Nigeria, Kenya, China

Language(s): English, Efik and Basic Cantonese

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Dr Yiheng Yu
Dr Yiheng YuSenior Research Consultant
Interests: Behavioural science, quantitive & qualitative data analysis, visual perception, questionnaire design & analysis.

Nationality: Chinese (PRC)

Geographical areas of interest:UK, Europe and Asia

Language(s): English, Mandarin.

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Dr Flynn Lachendro
Dr Flynn LachendroSenior Research Consultant
Interests: Mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, quantitative & qualitative data analysis, project planning, survey design & budgeting.

Nationality: Scottish

Geographical areas of interest: UK & Europe

Language(s): English

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Dr. Babatunde Osunmadewa
Dr. Babatunde OsunmadewaSenior Research Consultant
Interests: Climate change and Environmental issues

Nationality: Nigerian and German

Geographical areas of interest: Sub-Sahara Africa, Central Asia, UK and Europe

Language(s): English and German

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Dr Adebayo Ajala
Dr Adebayo AjalaSenior Research Consultant
Interests: Social Policy, Demography/Population Issues, Inequality, Social Protection, Reproductive Health, Gender-Based Violence, Gender, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Monitoring & Evaluation.

Nationality: Nigerian

Geographical Areas of Interests: UK & Africa

Language(s):Engli sh, Yoruba

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Dr Isuru Muthkudaarachchi
Dr Isuru MuthkudaarachchiSenior Research Consultant
Interests: Chemistry, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Renewable Energy, Electrochemistry

Nationality: Sri Lankan

Geographical Areas of Interests: UK, Europe, Asia, & USA

Language(s): English, Sinhalese

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Research Consultants

Amanda Capucci Polzin
Amanda Capucci PolzinResearch Consultant
Interests: Modern slavery, migration issues, Corporate Social Responsibility, and public policy.

Nationality: Brazilian and Italian

Geographical areas of interest: UK, Europe, South America, and Sub-Saharan Africa

Language(s): English, Portuguese, and intermediate Spanish

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Abigail Miller
Abigail MillerResearch Consultant
Interests: Pharmaceuticals, Human and Animal Biology, Organic Chemistry

Nationality: British

Geographical areas of interest: UK, Europe, Japan

Language(s): English

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Zainita Meherally
Zainita MeherallyResearch Consultant
Interests: Mixed method research, clinical trials and project management

Nationality: Tanzanian

Geographical areas of interest: Global

Language(s): English, Swahili, Gujarati, Khach, and Hindi

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Utkarsha Mehdiratta
Utkarsha MehdirattaResearch Consultant
Interests:Experimental research, sustainability, fashion consumption, consumer behaviour


Geographical areas of interest: UK, India, Southeast Asia, Europe

Language(s): English, Hindi

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Fabian Demosthenous
Fabian Demosthenous Research Consultant
Interests: Income Inequality, Unemployment and Financial Markets

Nationality: British

Geographical areas of Interest: UK & Europe

Language(s): English and French

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Asra Memon
Asra MemonResearch Consultant
Interests: Public Health, User Experience Research, Social Development, Migration

Nationality: Pakistani

Geographical Areas of Interest: South Asia, Southeast Asia

Language(s): English, Urdu, Sindhi

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Syed Aurangzeb
Syed AurangzebResearch Consultant
Interests: Social policy, social strategy, and social impact assessment

Nationality: Pakistani

Geographical Areas of Interests: UK & South Asia

Language(s): English, Pashto, Punjabi, Urdu

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Anindita Bhattacharya
Anindita BhattacharyaResearch Consultant
Interests: Agriculture, Rural Development, Gender Issues, Women Empowerment, Sustainable Development, Natural Resource Management

Nationality: Indian

Geographical Areas of Interests: UK, Asia and West Africa

Language(s): English, Bengali, Hindi

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John Ndem
John NdemResearch Manager
Interests: Business development, quality health and safety, international procurement and logistics

Nationality: Nigeria

Geographical Areas of Interests: UK & EMEA

Language(s): English

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Prosper Nwachukwu
Prosper NwachukwuResearch Consultant
Interests: Legal research, corporate governance, data privacy, policy review and social impact

Nationality: Nigeria

Geographical Areas of Interests: UK, EU, Africa and the United States

Language(s): English, Igbo

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If you have a Ph.D. (or about to complete a doctorate) and feel your research interests are aligned with ours, come and talk to us. We are particularly interested in unconventional thinkers. Write to us and answer this paradox: when you look at a glass mirror, what do you see?
jim coke
Dr Jim Coke

Head of Research

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