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Discovery Package

Discovery Package

£490.00 / week for 3 weeks

We make the process easy by creating a starter package suitable for those new to exploratory research. This package relies on secondary data and is ideal for an organisation with a particular query, idea, product, or concept that they want to explore. We will draft a 1000 word Analytical Report containing 3 Personas, 1 User Journey Map and a 2-minute Explainer Video.

To help us understand your query, idea, product, or concept, please go through the five stages below, attaching any documents, graphs, images, videos that you feel are relevant. Once payment is received, we will send you the link to the password-protected report, and you can watch (and collaborate) with us as we create it to your specifications.

What is the current state of the process, product or idea?

What is the desired state of the process, product, or idea?

How far are you towards the desired state?

What is blocking you from the desired state?

Can you explain what you would like to discover in a single sentence?

(max file size 64 MB)



This package will allow you to receive a flipbook report which will contain links, buttons, and videos to make your flipbook interactive.

1. Three Personas
Personas are fictional characters created to represent the actual people you want to investigate or understand. Creating personas for your research helps you visualize people who use your service, product, site, or brand. Creating different types of personas will allow you to capture all kinds of users, thus enabling better planning, projections, and forecasts. Each persona will have goals, attitudes, approaches, needs, and frustrations.

2. One User Journey Map
User or customer journey maps allow you to visually see how users engage with different aspects of your organisation, product, idea, or how they fit into the current state or the desired state. Rather than offering very long text to explain the various aspects of a user’s engagement, a journey map visually spells it out for yourself and other stakeholders.

3. 2-Minute Explainer Video
An explainer video is the best way to grab a stakeholder’s attention in one or two minutes. They quickly explain a product, organisation, user, idea, process, or problem. In practice, an explainer video can ultimately conceptualize your problem, process, and solution. Explainer videos are like your ‘elevator pitch’ when it comes to presenting exploratory research. It is also the easiest way to introduce a topic to viewers who have little or no knowledge of the subject matter.

4. 1000-word Analytical Report
Finally, the analytical report must tie in all the findings and offer a direction for future research. Most importantly, the report will have an appendix containing all the raw data compiled during the exploratory process; our proof the work is done correctly. Don’t worry; you will have the opportunity to add your logo, fonts, and branding to the report. Note that the words only refer to the analysis and not the raw data.